Sleepiest Help

Below you can find common questions and queries about Sleepiest. If you have any other questions then you can contact us via email at [email protected].

Who Developed Sleepiest?

Sleepiest was made by the team here at Happiest Limited, in Leeds UK.

How Frequently Is Content Added To Sleepiest?

We aim to add new content to Sleepiest weekly. This is not guaranteed, but generally our production team work on this basis.

How Do I Cancel My Sleepiest Subscription

You can cancel your Sleepiest Subscription by pressing the account button in the top-left of the Sleepiest home screen, pressing “account options”, then pressing “Manage My Subscription”. This will bring up the Apple App Store Subscriptions Page from which you can cancel.

For more information, see Apples guidance here:

A youtube video showing how you cancel an app subscription can be found here:

We are not able to cancel subscriptions from our end (there is no facility for us to do so via Apple’s current developer site), therefore in order to cancel you need to follow the steps above / at the provided link.

Can I Get A Refund On My Subscription

Subscriptions are processed by the respective App Store that you purchased Sleepiest from, the store owners take a commission of app sales, and therefore they are the only ones able to offer subscription refunds. Each store has it’s own respective refund policy.

You can report a problem to Apple / request a refund at the following link:

Further, instructions as to how to request a refund can addittionally be found at the following link:

Refunds are at the store owners sole discretion.

Please note; should you claim a refund on your subscription your active subscription to Sleepiest will be removed.

How Do Free Trials Work?

Sleepiest sometimes offers free trial subscriptions. These vary in length from 3 days to 30 days.

If you cancel you subscription more than 24 hours before your free trial ends then you will not be charged (See “How Do I Cancel My Sleepiest Subscription” for info).

If you reach the end of your trial without cancelling then you will be charged based on the plan you selected when starting your trial. Please be sure to cancel at least 24 hours before the end of your trial, as Apple begin attempting to charge the card associated with your iTunes account during this time.

I've Got A New Phone, How Do I Access My Subscription?

If you’re already subscribed to Sleepiest and get a new phone, you can use the “Restore Purchases” button to enable an active subscription on your new device.

To do this  go to “Settings” (in the top left of the main menu) > Account Options > Restore Purchases > You’ll then be prompted to enter your iTunes Account details and it will restore your subscription.

What Do You Use Health Kit Access For?

We read your health kit data in order to provide personalised sleep advice in the “profile” section.

All of your health data is analysed locally (as in on your device); none of it is sent to our servers or stored remotely, so rest assured it’s perfectly safe.

The Wakeup Or Sleep Reminder Alarm Isn't Working!

The alarms in Sleepiest rely upon Apple Push Notifications; it’s therefore vital that push notification support is enabled with both badges and sounds enabled in order for them to the alarms to function correctly.

Addittionally the mute switch on the side of your device needs to be switched to off (i.e. non muting), and the ring volume turned up. If the mute switch is enabled then the Apple operating system will only emit a short vibration when the alarm is triggered; which while potentially suitable for a bedtime reminder is unlikely to be sufficient to wake you up.

Similarly is the ring volume (separate from media volume) is turned down then the alarm audio may not be sufficiently loud to hear.

The ring volume can be found and amended in iPhone Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringer and Alerts Slide.

I've Spotted A Bug!

Well, that’s not good!

We’d really appreciate it if you could let us know via Support Chat within Sleepiest.

Alternatively e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll do out best to get it sorted out asap!

I've Got A Feature Request!

We’re always keen to hear what our customers would like us to work on next; and are constantly working towards expanding the feature set of Sleepiest!

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with your suggestions.

I invited a friend, but I haven't got my free content!

In order for our system to log the referral, your friend needs to install Sleepiest via the invite link from the invite popup AND they must open Sleepiest. This is necessary in order for our system to log the referral.

You may also need to force-restart Sleepiest on your device after your friend has installed and opened Sleepiest in order to for your Sleepiest to sync up the referral.

In rare cases our attribution system may not pick up on a referral, this can happen when your friend moves between a different wi-fi network or mobile phone signal tower between clicking on your unique referral link, and opening Sleepiest for the first time. It can also occur if the user has advertiser privacy settings switched to “off”, preventing us logging the referral. In these instances you may need to ask your friend to log the referral manually by entering your unique referral code in their Sleepiest settings.

Your unique referral code can be found on the invite friends prompt, they simply need to go to Sleepiest settings and enter it in order to attribute the referral as having come from you.

Stories / Meditations are pausing during playback.

Stories freezing during playback are usually caused by a weak mobile or wi-fi signal.

The best way to rectify this is to download the story to your device before playback. This can be done quickly and easily by pressing on the “Cog” icon when on the play menu of the story you wish to download, then pressing “Download For Offline Use”.

The story will then download to your phone, after which you’ll be able to play the story irrespective of mobile or wi-fi signal without any issues.